Develop the skills to get you noticed

The Veterans’ Digital Cyber Academy™ enables veterans from any military background to learn and develop REAL hands-on cyber skills and get recognised by employers for cyber security jobs.

Is this for me?

Don’t know your encoding & encryption from your coding & security? Don’t worry. No technical experience, or specialist software is needed. We have labs designed for the ultimate beginner right through to cyber expert. To get started all you need is access to the internet and you’ll get 24/7 access, anywhere, anytime.

  • Accepting applications from right across the military
  • No previous knowledge needed
  • If you are looking for a new career
  • Over 200 Labs to complete

The Veterans’ Digital Cyber Academy Philosophy


Veterans are expected to complete labs through self-research. Remember we’ll signpost clues as to what to research to help you on the way, but you have to find the answer.


Finetune your resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance all the while developing your cyber skills you need for your next job.


Get rewards with points and badges for completing exercises to rise up the leaderboard, as you take on veterans from across the globe. Oh… and of course get the ultimate reward of finding a new job.

How to register

Our sign up process works in partnership with TechVets. TechVets are a not-for-profit helping UK veterans and service leavers into Cyber Security and Technology.

For more information please visit the TechVets Website.

Step 1

Click the register button below and fill in the following form

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One of our partners will get in touch and guide you through the entire process

Step 3

Login and start your cyber journey

“Identifying, developing and measuring practical cyber security skills is the great challenge for all companies today. The Immersive Labs approach is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in this space: scalable, agile and appropriate to the way a new generation learns. It has the potential to disrupt and transform this crucial market.”

Robert Hannigan, Ex-Director, GCHQ